Innovative projects in the Drone Sector

The creation of new ideas and innovation projects within any industry allows for a clear evolution in technology and development. The companies involved in these projects have a significant commitment to contribute with work and experience to benefit this evolution.  

Under this context, ALTER TECHNOLOGY as a specialist in the field actively contributes to the projects by offering its support in Drone regulation, standardization, and exploitation; as well as in the analysis of rules and functional safety. Moreover, it also participates in the performance of specific tests for the types of drones that flew over the infrastructures to be inspected.

Two of ALTER TECHNOLOGY’s most significant projects in the drone sector are TRACE and DREAM. We invite you to read a little about them and download the brochure to learn more about the contribution of both projects to the drone industry and who was involved in them.   

TRACE PROJECT: facilitating the presence of drones in airspace

TRACE is a project funded by the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA), which promotes the use of EGNOS by developing an intelligent beacon that will increase the safety levels of VLL operations, supporting the development of this new aviation sector.  


ALTER TECHNOLOGY, worried about safety, is working on technological solutions to ensure that drones operate safely in the shared airspace. This concern has been conducted ALTER to lead the consortium. Several companies such as UNIFLY, PILDO LABS, and FADA-CATEC are participating; created to carry out the TRACE project. 

DREAM PROJECT: increasing safety

DREAM aimed to develop an application with drones to increase safety in inspection and maintenance at a concise range in open and industrial spaces, proposing three specific use cases: inspection and maintenance of civil infrastructures, electrical installations, and industrial plants (petrochemicals).  


ALTER TECHNOLOGY, with the support of the final users, has been working on two test cases so that the whole work team is aligned with the objective of this task: The first one, the development of functional tests, and the second one, different flight plans for the missions established for each system. 


Our commitment to the drone industry continues…