Technical Seminar with Catalonia Smart Drones

How will class certification be affected by the new European regulations? This topic, as well as others related to UAS Certification, such as: what are the certification processes and what is their impact on the SORA risk analysis methodology, were answered by UAS Regulation experts during this technical seminar, organized by Catalonia Smart Drones, and supported by the Generalitat de Catalunya.


This year’s edition, Expodronica, will be held with the World ATM Congress, the world’s most influential international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference.

From 2023 all UAS within the Open Category must have a class label and a sound power label (if applicable) to meet the associated requirements. In the same way, CE Marking is a marking that any system should have from now on.

In addition, ALTER TECHNOLOGY DRONES TEAM highlighted the importance of CE Marking as the primary measure to demonstrate that the product meets the requirements for safe commercialization within the European Union and ensure that it complies with the evaluation and conformity criteria.

Both the number of attendees and the number of questions that took place at the end of the presentation demonstrate the great interest that exists in the drone sector in this topic, whose relevance increases day by day, as the transition period progresses.

In the same way, the experts remarked on the importance and advantages of manufacturers and distributors normalising the situation of their systems as soon as possible: gaining in competitiveness and reliability for the end user is, perhaps, the main advantage mentioned by our colleague.

In short, this event was a resounding success, both in terms of attendance and the interest shown in the conference.

Catalonia Smart Drones