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Q&A - Drone testing and certification

A Patent is a mean a company or individual has to protect an Intellectual Property. On the other hand, the CE marking guarantees that your product fulfils with the requirements established by the regulation as a safe product to be introduced in the E.U market, but is unrelated to Intellectual Property.

Yes, for C0 and C4 is not needed a third party and CE Marking can be done by manufacturers. The same applies for C5 and C6, but since these classes do not have any working draft of a harmonised standard that proposes means of compliance to cover their requirements. From our point of view considering they are based on C3 requirements and taking into account they were introduced for the specific category is envisaged that the CE Marking process would need a third party for this aim.

Depending on the class of drone, the available modules for the conformity assessment procedure will include, or not, they need the supervision of a Third-Party, such as a Notified Body.

Not really, but they are highly recommended for systems operating in specific environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures (hot or cold), saline environments, among others. Note that DR 2019/945 has some requirements in the different classes indicating that the UA shall be “safely controllable”, which should be assured in all the expected operating conditions.

The conformity assessment procedure for CE Marking carried out by a Third Party, such as a Notified Body, can take in average between one or two months, but this depends on the preliminary assessment of the system carried out by our expert on the documentation provided by the manufacturer.

The tests to be carried out for each drone class depend on the class requirements stated in DR 2019/945. A self-certification procedure depends on the selected module (also specified in the mentioned regulation). ALTER, as a future UAS Notified Body and based on its experience as Notified Body for other markets, has developed its testing methods covering the means of compliance established in the prEN4709 standards.

Actually, it depends on the Spanish Accreditation Body (ENAC). We have already presented all the necessary documents.

Depending on the change, if the compliance of the equipment could be compromised, a reevaluation of the certification would be required.  

CE Marking is always mandatory for every product that is placed in the European Market. DR 2019/945 will be mandatory to place a product in the market after 01/01/2024. Privately built drones are exempt of DR 2019/945. 

Yes, CIL is affixed by the manufacturer upon compliance with the DR 2019/945. CE Marking is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Using a Notified Body to analyze DR 2019/945 will result in an EU Type Exam Certificate, where the UAS could be marked with the CIL but doesn’t turn the UAS into a CE Marked product. 

For a product to bear the CE marking, the product manufacturer must declare, under its sole responsibility, the product’s conformity with all the requirements laid down in the applicable Community Directives. In the case of DR 2019/945, a Notified Body is required for classes C1, C2 and C3. 

CE Marked is always required to sell a product in the European market. DR 2019/945 is one of the regulations that UAVs need to be compliant with for the manufacturer to affix the CE Marking. The Class Label will be required if the UAV falls under one of the categories for which the UAV will fly. 

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