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ALTER is part of the Working Groups related to compliance development for the Drones’ Regulation

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Fuctional testing

Drones Functional Safety Assessment

Safety and reliability are two concepts that have gained importance over the years. There are several potential hazards around an RPAS operation. A functional evaluation is required with a minimum acceptance criterion to mitigate the associated risks from the development stage and along the entire lifecycle.

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The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is promoting the development of innovative technologies for unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

CDTI is promoting the development of innovative technologies for UAS

The UAS sector has been growing during the last few years, and it is expected to grow further and further shortly. In Spain, CDTI is supporting and helping the companies of this sector despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19, the need to reduce emissions of polluting gases, and the demand for drones with greater autonomy and capacity for a variety of activities.

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CTN 28SC2 Unmanned aerial systems

CTN 28/SC2 Unmanned aerial systems

The growth of the drone sector has made it necessary to create standards and regulations for the safe operation of these devices. Spanish drone industry participates in the creation of international standards through the CTN 28/SC2 Unmanned aerial systems.

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ALTER TECHNOLOGY is pleased to announce the launch of the DRONES CE LAB. This is a new platform created as part of our continuous commitment to provide valued support to the Drones Market.

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Affixing the CE Marking

CE Marking guarantees that a product meets the requirements necessary to be sold and enjoy free circulation in the European market. Before affixing the lab, the products need to go through a series of steps that manufacturers must consider.

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