EASA publishes AMC for “enhanced containment” provisions

Under the premise of always keeping safety in mind, EASA has published Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) with the ‘’enhanced containment’’ provisions for drones allowing the applicant to declare compliance without applying for a design verification report.

Drones operating close to densely populated areas must be equipped with systems preventing them from flying into an unauthorized area. Sometimes, drones can operate in high-risk environments, called ‘’enhanced containment’’.

When operators apply this means of compliance, the declarative process for enhanced containment is immediately applicable. If drone manufacturers and operators decide to show compliance using a different approach, a verification report will be required by EASA.

This MoC is applied in the following cases:

  • UAS operated in operation classified up to SAIL II according to SORA,
  • UAS, whose dimension is equal to or less than three meters, considers the limited performance attributed to the FTS. If the kinetic energy or speed is low enough, higher dimensions can be accepted by the competent authority.
  • There are no specific restrictions for the UAS design.

It defines some prescriptions that allow the probability of failure of the installed Flight Termination System (FTS) to be considered as below 10-2/flight hour (FH). When it is used for a declaration, the documentation identified in it should be prepared and ready for the surveillance of the competent authority.

Resource; EASA

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