The current European Regulation includes an important mandatory requirement for C1, C2, and C3 drone classes: the need for a third party to evaluate the class requirements. This third party must be a Notified Body. ALTER TECHNOLOGY is currently involved in an accreditation process for being this Third Party. Actually, many manufacturers have initiated a certification process with us because our procedures are totally aligned with the Regulatory framework and the mean of compliance under development inside the Working Groups dedicated to this aim. 

In this regard, considering these means of compliance under development, just a minor impact is envisaged shortly. This is the main reason these manufacturers give when asked about why the decision to start these certification processes with us.  

In fact, there is also a competitive reason to start a CE Marking testing or Class Label process as soon as possible, avoiding waiting until the “last minute” of the transition period. Furthermore, to generate confidence with a final user (manufacturers’ clients), it is important to offer a reliable system in the market, and the only manner does it properly, and endorsed by the Regulation, through the CE Marking and Class Label (including the Sound Power Label, if necessary). 

In ALTER, we offer a total guaranty for these certification services. In addition, we review our internal procedures frequently to verify any detail or minimum update to refine our services and capabilities. 

Why use Alter Technology as an accredited laboratory? 

When selecting a laboratory to fulfill testing, calibration, or measurement needs, you need to be sure that they can supply you with accurate and reliable results. Our technical competence depends on a number of factors including:

  • the qualifications, training, and experience of the staff 
  • the right equipment –properly calibrated and maintained 
  • adequate quality assurance procedures 
  • proper sampling practices 
  • appropriate testing procedures 
  • valid test methods 
  • traceability of measurements to national standards 
  • accurate recording and reporting procedures 
  • suitable testing facilities 

All these factors contribute to a laboratory being technically competent to do your testing. 

Drones services

Our CE Marking and Class Label services have no major risks for manufacturers!  

To be on time, we recommend all manufacturers certify their drones early! Contact our expert now and clarify your doubts and questions about this important requirement and ensure your presence in the current and future drone market! 

The moment is now!  

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