Regulatory Knowledge

We are the first Notified Body in Europe for Regulation 2019/945

ALTER TECHNOLOGY has obtained ENAC accreditation to provide conformity according to the European rules for drones intended to be operated in the open category and remote identification add-ons.

The Regulatory Framework knowledge is the key for the development of successful testing procedures. Therefore, ALTER TECHNOLOGY, as an accredited laboratory, has invested several hours participating in different Working groups and platforms to be aware of the latest news regarding normative and mandatory requirements for drone systems.  

ALTER TECHNOLOGY has obtained ENAC accreditation to provide conformity according to the European rules for drones intended to be operated in the open category and remote identification add-ons. The company has been already recommended to different manufacturers to start a certification process with us; manufacturers from different parts of the world: France, Switzerland, China or the even USA. 

In fact, we have already started certification processes with some of them. In the words of these manufacturers, this opportunity supposes a big advantage facing the competitiveness of the future market. Providing a certified product with a CE Marking and Class Label affixed will give confidence to their potential customers. 

Regulatory knowledge drones


Finally, it is also important to remark that ALTER’s drone experts participate in different Standardization and Normalization Working groups (WGs) and Associations and Technological Platforms. This participation and contribution inside different WGs are essential for the continuous updates of our procedures following the last news regarding regulation. 

About this item, ALTER is part of the following Groups:

>>ASD-STAN D5WG8 (Domain 5, Work Group 8): “UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems.» Development of the new harmonized standards for civil UAS. Participation in subgroups (SGs) related to elaborating the 4 parts of the new standard pr EN4709. 

        •  SG1 – Product and verification requirements for UAS in the open category  
        •  G2 – Remote Identification requirements for UAS in the open category 
        • SG3 – Geo-awareness requirements for UAS in the open category
        • SG4 – Lighting requirements for UAS in the open category 

We participate in the SGs to elaborate on the 4 parts of this new Standard to comply with the requirements indicated in the Delegated Regulation 2019/945. In this regard, we are in the process of accreditation as a Notified Body for this Regulation. It has developed internal procedures to implement the mandatory tests mentioned by parts 1 and 2 of the Standard in our laboratories. 


>>ISO/TC 20/SC 16: “Unmanned Aircraft Systems.” Development of international standards for civil UAS.   

        • WG1 – General aspects  
        • WG2 – Product manufacturing and maintenance  
        • WG3 – Operations and procedures  
        • WG5 – Testing and Evaluation  

>>CTN28/SC2: “UAS.” ALTER is Chairman of the Spanish Normalization Committee concerning the accommodation of international standards of the UAS Market. 


>>EUROCAE: European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment. Participation in different WGs. To highlight: 

        • WG-105 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
        • WG-105 SG-6 SORA 
        • WG-105 SG-21 RPAS C2 Datalink  
        • WG-105 SG-41 RPAS System Safety Assessment Criteria  
        • WG-105 SG-42 Remote Pilot Stations  
        • WG-105 SG-62 GNSS for UAS 

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