JARUS External Consultation- WG-SRM ‘’SORA Annex A’’.

The ‘’SORA Annex A’’ has been published for External Consultation as discussed and approved during the virtual Plenary in January. The deadline to submit comments is 7th April 2022.

The process to which all published documents undergo to be published for External Consultation is:

  1. The sending to the JARUS members for Internal Consultation before the documents are published. Once comments are gathered, the JARUS Plenary Team must approve the final document published for External Consultation.
  2. The deadline has to be respected. The access to the tool will be closed the day after (8th April). Only the comments submitted within the deadline will be considered.
  3. Working Group Leaders will review the comments received and will discuss them with the other working group members.

The ANNEX A covers the Guidelines on collecting and presenting system and operation information for a specific UAS operation.

Its purpose is to provide information on how to present data to enable operators to produce a Concept of Operations (ConOps) supplemented by the risk assessment for the operations of an unmanned aircraft in the Specific Category.

The ConOps describe the operation and provide insight into the safety culture of the operator including the way in which interactions with additional organizations must be done.

The document is divided into 4 sections:

  • Section 1: an explanatory section.
  • Section 2 and section 3: a structured template for the Concept of Operations.
  • Section 4: a template to assess the documents mentioned above.

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JARUS. (February de 2022).