Testing of BLACK SQUARE’s Hercules Quad drone

Alter Technology completes pilot testing

Alter Technology completes pilot testing of BLACK SQUARE’s Hercules Quad drone for pre-qualification and subsequent certification as a C6 class drone.

The tests that have been carried out in our laboratories:

  • C2 link protection
  • Quality of the C2 Link
  • Flight termination
  • MTOM
  • Maximum Characteristic Dimension
  • Unique Physical Serial number
  • Information notice
  • Manufacturer’s instructions

Tests conducted at the Aerodrome:

  • C2 Link Loss
  • Safely Controllable
  • Maximum Speed
  • Maximum Height
  • Programmable UA Trajectory
  • Performance Data
  • Lights requirements
  • Low-level battery Alert
  • Geofencing
  • Programmable Volume