The new guide for drone manufacturers 

ALTER is pleased to announce the launch of the Drones CE Lab. This is a new platform created as part of our continuous commitment to provide valued support to the Drones Market.


This new site will enable the manufacturer/Supplier/user to find a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE for the APPROVAL OF DRONES WITH THE RELEVANT CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY IN THE EUROPEAN UNION. Alter Technology provides users with a comprehensive set of information with the required topics necessary to achieve CE Marking and class labeling certifications. This includes the different tests related to Directives (EMC, RED, and Machinery) based on the current regulations that apply to this sector.

We have also included a section related to the delta testing that manufacturers/importers will need to carry out if they want to sell compliant drones in Europe-and to which we can provide that support.

The launch of this new platform comes with a comprehensive guide prepared by Alter Technology experts, who have been part of the four working subgroups tasked with developing the EU Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945. This guide is intended to provide key points of the regulation and suggestions better to understand the process of CE marking and class labeling.

Using this platform Alter Technology will help manufacturers and importers avoid seizure of good for non-compliance or unnecessary delays/costs in having goods returned for compliance by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority. If you are concerned about changes in the regulations, please bear in mind that ALTER is part of the Working Groups related to the means of compliance development for the Drones’ Regulation. This ensures and guarantees alignment of the test campaigns and verification to the latest, compliant methods proposed by ALTER for the Drones’ Community to provide a reliable service.

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