3 ways to make money with professional drones

Have you ever thought about working with professional drones to earn money, but you don’t know what to do? There are many manners to make a living; you just need to have imagination and to will to turn your favorite hobby into your job to pay the bills!

Here you have 3 ways entrepreneurship use pro drones:

1.- Reselling

This is a very frequent activity in other sectors and consists of buying new popular models of drones at wholesale prices and selling them at a higher price to retail customers. There is a possibility to have a physical shop, an online shop, or online marketplaces.

Although this may seem easy at first sight, attention must be paid to the cost of opening and maintenance of the store whether it is an online or a physical store. Drone reselling can be very lucrative if a competitive business is achieved by offering products with a good quality-price ratio.

2.- Pro drones with cameras (aerial photos) and filmmaking drones (videography)

If you are passionate about photography or are a professional in this field, you can try selling your art to interested people who want footage from a particular perspective.

In this case, there are two options:

  • Events: this is one of the most popular ways of making money with filmmaking drones. One of the most frequent events is weddings, where the photographer is expected to capture the magical moments of the couple and their relatives.

However, there are other events in which the photographer and drone pilot can get aerial shots and footage such as sports ones, concerts, etc.

  • Stock Photos: this kind of footage is highly demanded due to the need for images that companies must have to build their brands and their digital content.

If you have drones with cameras; you can sign up for stock photography accounts and sell your art there. Every time someone downloads your pictures or videos, you will be paid. The amount depends on the site and the quality of the content offered.

Drones with cameras

3.- Aerial Surveying and Mapping

These operations are focused on a flight over a specified land area taking pictures with drones flying at night or day, to be stitched together using mapping software. These images can be used to create models, reconstructions, and miniatures.

This business is more expensive and riskier than the others mentioned. Drones need complex GPS systems and cameras for this kind of activity. Moreover, you will need to find training courses to get ready and learn how to use the mapping software devices.

If this business goes well, it can be very highly demanded and profitable.

Other drone business ideas are drone insurance, real state photography, precision agriculture, the creation of online courses, etc.

If you are a drone user interested in professional drones to make money, you should know the most important thing: your drone must have CE marking. Don’t be cheated and buy a safe and homologated drone.

Alter Technology, a company with more than 30 years in the aerospace sector, has recently obtained ENAC accreditation to provide conformity according to the European rules for drones (R945) intended to be operated in the open category and remote identification add-ons; beyond this service, we have additional capabilities related to testing, operations safety, and regulation. So, if you want to carry out these activities or you need further information about our overall capabilities, don’t hesitate to contact us.